Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Subang rally 08

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Always be my baby=)

Subang rally pics=D(i didnt take them sadly)

LOL..look at our effects and us

posserama 2
superb lighting.lol
rockstar..true rockstars
David Gu in the oversized shirt

The superb vintage amp which i used.roland jazz chorus..fuuPart of othniel and my pedals..my pedalboard is coming up its with wyman.lolTrace elliot bass amp!canot find in malaysia confirm.super nice!Othniel night session..shit cant see me.lolWhat i had for lunch=(The amp oth used..fender something something.lol
WAHHHHH!vintage pa guy brought super vintage stuff.lolthrow away zoom outside the road la..analogs are the real deal.=Dnight sessionlook at our effxs.lol

more are coming..lol

Monday, June 23, 2008

Random thoughts over the week

hey guys sorry to keep u all waiting for my posts
hha...been very busy..oh crap i still havent blog about the cf camp day 3..aahh..cos too many pics
and words but too little time..

so basically my week have been so busy with subang rally and audition
im tired of playing guitar edi.hahaha

subang rally was great and the face the stage is so big is greater.lol
yeah many recommited their lives..touching moments.lol and the hall is so cold wei
even after having wyman sitting next to me it's still so cold
oh yeah pastor andy gave us a revelation that holland will win the euro 2008
the next day lost to russia 3-1 wei..wahahahhahahaha

ok next up was auditions..reached there at 1015 to practice..first practice summore!
hahaa..jamie's fault.hahaha
there were 51 bands competing but only 10 will be selected
i was like,'whoa thats gonna be hard'
but we initially just auditioned cos mr jacob forced us to so yeah..
we played realise by colbie caillat(nt sure how to spell=) )
i went home early cos got my cousins wedding practice...im playing for the wedding .lol

so i went home practiced and guess what
we made it thru the next round.
i terlalu happy edi wei but thank GOD and JAMIE also for this=)

our bands name is WHITE FLUFFY PAO btw..
come support us this sat in sunway pyramid near giant there from 3 to 6 pm

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CF CAMP 2008 DAY 2.lol

yes finally im gonna blog about day two..wahhaa
so erm to summarise day 2..
we started with devotion of course with ken jiu asking alot of questions.lol..keep it up
and i cant believe i tok for 1 hr straight wei with some lame jokes in between..haha
if not they all fall in the swimming pool sleeping wei i tell u.haha
then was breakfast..it was okay la...but everyday taofu wan my skin so smooth edi wei,,dayyymm!
then skipped to pastor's preaching...he said it wasnt easy being a PUNJABI pastor...alot of challenges and rirntangan and dugaan and lol nvm u get the point.=)

so right he talked bout LOVE and tt we shouldnt mess our lives as we only have one life to live
so yeah there was altal call..some responded and some didnt..hmm maybe dont have oomph yet..heh

really saw the presence of GOD moving amonst us..was awesome..

and the telematch right after..gosh..erika straight away measure the girls pants wei.hahahha/..
if too short kononnya obscene..lucky im a man.lol
so we have the mummy game which nehemiah won cos he was thin..our overseer rueben betrayed us by saying before the game we should send some one who is big.physically.so we send ken jiu hoping to win
each member has 10 secs to wrap the mummy with tissue..but by the time u run there and go one round of ken jiu's body edi times up..ahaha..
then the second game the blindfold game...again ken jiu was our added advantage as si onn just needed to feel its belly and feed to him the food.hhaha..aand of course othniel and i just keep saying its good its good which lead to him feeding us correctly and winning the game=)
then it was water games...the collecting coins and waterpolo..
collecting coins was crap as it was hard to see and feel the coins..but i didnt mind losing janji we had fun..lol
waterpolo was best we won first match then after tt got another match but then got called to worship practice..haihz..the conversation went like this

worship leader:hey darren we need to go bathe now and go straight to hall for practice
dArren:huh?relax la i winning now wei..
worship leader:no no serious have to go now
Darren:ok lor.haihz*buat muka sedih*

ahhaha..all drama la..ok pics time=)

yeah rocker again=)

The games guy..tan wei shenn!
candid shot..sorry si onn..hahahahhaha
Mr jacob and mrs Sally..super teachers and super god seeking ppl love them=)wacky 5 omega collection =)
5 omega wacky collection 2.lol.notice zihoe forcing my smile and cf kissing jimmy...hahahhaa
Andrea and cass...gr8 ppl =)
yeahh rock fingernails which david gu detests.LOL
si onn,edwin and luke..gr8 man of god and good friends=)
Chuan Fu high at night..LOL

the pics are not in order
arrange them urself

Monday, June 9, 2008

another survey.lol..

Hahaha..sorry peeps the cf camp day 2 3 4 have to wait
i just realise ms jamie tagged me..lol
sorry jamie=)
here goes:

1. What do you want the most now?
the dslr,and another guitar...see it rhymes=0
2. Who is the person you trust most?
3. Are you in love?
4. If you have a dream come true, what is it?
Go play for big big gigs..hahaha
5. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
yes. of course.science la macha
6. Whats your goal for this year ?
SPM 10 a1.serious!
7. Do you believe in eternity?
8. Have you ever broken a person's heart that he/she want to commit suicide ?
No.im not tt bad la im worse.chey jkjk
9. What feelings do you love most?
when everyone is happy and im happy
10. What are the requirements from your other half?
Anything.lol.girl la
11. What kinds of feelings you hate most?
when he's ignoring me. grr(jamie's answer...)LOL..lazy to change..change he to she la.lol
12. Do you cherish every friendship of yours?
13. What do you want to do in the future?
music and phtography
14. What is the most important thing in your life?
15. What did you feel last night?
tired and dead
16. Who do you hope to be always there for you?
17. When do you think the world will end?
18. The world ends tomorrow. What will you do?
go smash a guitar
19. What do you think of the person who tagged you?
the pro singing girl who ffk me in practice..lol
20. What do you want to know right now?
why is petrol so expensive....lol

i tag :
bianca(at ur request=D)
Cheryl may
jennifer tsy.lol

make sure u all do wei

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stupid survey form cheryl may chong soon fei...it rhymes=D

from cheryl june july august=D

#1 If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
buy another guitar.lol

.#2 if you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
becoming a famous rockstar..wait i am already.haha

#3 what will your dream wedding be like?
alot of guitars..and a full orchestra..i wan a guitar for a dowry.lol

#4 are you confused as to what lies ahead of you?
maybe how i know wei..now spm all.lol..add maths confuses me laa

#5 what's your ideal lover like?

#6 which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
ketwo-two(kedua dua)

#7 How long do you intend to wait for someone u really love?
long la but not too long after jesus come back second coming then she rapture d then how.lOL

#8 if the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
err..attached edi then relax la wait till rapture.maybe the boyfrien taken away.HAHAHAHA

#9 is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
CERTAIN ppl not taking care of my equipments i brought to cf camp.

#11 is being tagged fun?
yeahh..adds to my blog post.hahaha

#12 how do you see yourself in ten years time?
erm an artist playing for summer splash.hahaha

#13 who are currently the most important people to you?
God,Family and friends..they're really gr8 and encouraging

#14 what kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
short.LOL..porshe group leader...not as good as supra though=D

#15 would you rather be single & rich or married but poor?
Sodom & gomorah wyman & othniel

#16 what's the first thing you do every morning?
Snooze the alarm again and again

#17 would you give all in a relationship?
most definitely.love like you've never been hurt.

#18 if you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
bodoh can find the answer la...do maths...equation 2 into equation 1 etc etc..hahahhaa

#19 what type of friends do you like?
the FRIENDS on tv...lOl ok aporting frens tts all i ask

#20 what type of friends do you dislike?
those who mistreat u and my equipments

Summer Splash 08

Hey guys sorry for not posting part two of camp
and the survey by cheryl..lol sabar k
cos now very busy...tmrw school summore
anyways went for summer splash it was ok la
saw so many familiar faces
went with othniel,adrian etc etc

oh ya i got pictures with estrella and couple
autographs too...heheh..backstage siall...anyway heres the pics

Us and the estrella lead singer..so hott.lolThe ESTRELLA lead singer with us=)
Estrella crazy guitarist which-solo-cannot-hear and bassist of couple
LOOKKK!!!!!!she loves me..wahhahaa...bangganya aku...=D

more pics to come btw
othniel havent send
great fun
went eat with jennifer and oth and watched kungfu panda
damn funny
hahaa..must watch man..gonna do the survey now...
wait for my camp post la avid readers i know u love me

Friday, June 6, 2008

Cf camp 2008 (part two elongated).lol

Hi im back
uploaded the pictures edi..so basiclly what u will see is alot of pictures and long summary of day
to day happenings in camp
so without further adoooo here goes:
ps:the wymans in the passage refers to bad words.lol..
we are not allowed to say bad words so our bad words were in the form of
since we cant say shit in wyman form we just say shit.llol

Day 1

So basiclly the first day...i was in bus 1 so called the GOD bus.lol..we have to reach the school by10..
but u know la malaysian culture sure got some WYMANS were late la
but we spend our time making jokes and talking loads of ketams,LOL
So we left by 11.10....we had chicken rice for lunch..not really nice but janji got food can d la.hahaha
upon arrival,we unloaded out super equipments and bags as most of us were the logistics team which we have to carry stuff la..just my stuff alone and the drums alone so heavy..AADK!!!
anyway...after everyone arrived..there was camp briefing and stuff la...everyone was still hyped up cos seeing frens all..u noe la malaysians jakun sikit kan..lol
ok..we were divided into groups and dorms lor...my group was SUPRA which i tot was the most awesomest group of all besides the lamest..as we have si onn,othniel and i to start with...
After praise&worship there was video directed by sung lin being played..very funny indeed=)
video can be found in wei shen's blog btw..
and supper and all la ...bonding time
BTW the first night itself wyman decided to join us sleeping so we have 5 ppl sleeping at the bottom bunk..wyman counted as2 person.LOL
it was hard to sleep as he kept disturbing us,playing with our ears(yes i know!)digging our ears...and hopping onto us saying he's from HUMMER(yes i know wyman..lol)

Pictures of 1st day:

My superstar amp=)
What i did during sermon.LOL...
sam and edwin during camp briefing..sam says HI!!
Closed up min shen...very close
Cheryl TRYING to avoid the camera..but u know darren's way better=D
Esther nearly died holding my guitar..too heavy.LOl..look at her face
Rockstar...others follow
Super rockstar.lol
MY 6 babies=)
chicken rice for lunch..not very nice butt its good its good=D..notice their eyes btw
Some of the stuff we brought
The super ring and the super stickerWyman's "why u taking my pic dawwwg?!!" face
My brriliant fotography skills.lol

THE gibson

Wyman's butt=D
The elmo group.lol

PS:pictures are not in order
lazy to arrange
but its good its good from what i heard

POSt on 2nd day will be continued...=)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


So yeah u guessed it right
i was away for 4 days to go cf camp in mbs rawang
the place was huge like china but the dorms like malaysia..so small but packed with 40 ppl wei


so many gays wandering arnd all..lol...got toothpaste on my face the first night edi by othniel
and constant nightless sleep with wyman digging and playing your ear and touching u all over saying he's from hummer


anyway camp was good.this is just a brief summary..im gonna do the elongated post
when i upload pictures and it will be a long long post=)

anyways its good its good from what i heard

ps:the its good its good quote was first used by othniel and i...so if u hear anyone using it..seriously la copyright wei.lol...like when bathing tt time every 20 second got ppl say its good its good..walaoo..hahahha..

take care peepss=)