Tuesday, July 29, 2008



study study study!
as the days draw near.
good luck,hun! (:


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Day Has Come

Oh i feel so worried
spm trials are coming and im not ready!
arrgh...and these few days i feel my muscles getting bigger due to over excessive exposure to
arm wrestlings..lol
soon fei will always fight the weaker ones just to show he is strong
oh well

oh ya..my bdays coming up
excited yet nervous as the TRIALS!.arh
can someone provide me free tuition for physics chem add maths maths and history?
i suck real bad.lol
i have to cut down on naps in the afternoon and try to study
hahaha..as if that will work
anyways i have another audition coming up for the leo installation this saturday
and i haven't watchhed dark knight

so who wanna teman me watch?

Sunday, July 20, 2008


i'm boredddd.

i love the way cupcakes look.
with those sugary topping.
so pretty! i can just stare at them the whole time.


they look yummy too.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tagged from Jamie CXN

Lol sorry Jamie just read ur blog.wahahaa

Instructions:Remove one question from below and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions. Then tag 8 people from your list. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them that they have been tagged
1. At what age you wished to marry?
After I get another guitar and my dslr first
2.Will you consider sexual relationships before marriage?
3. Do you smoke?
hahax (:
4. What is the latest gadget that you own?
P1i phone!
5. Who did you mostly texted yesterday?
6. How old are you and are you a virgin?
7. What is the latest thing you bought with your own money?
Can't remember nasi goreng telur.lol
8. Chocolates , Oreo or Vanilla?
9. Are you gay?
Sometimes at pressured momments.lol
10. How old do you think you will be permanently owned by love?
11. How many kids do you want?
i fail my add maths very hard to count statistics
12.What is your full name?
Darren Lau E-Zern
(yes thats my r
13. Name the latest book you bought?
Guitar World .lol
14. Do you prefer mother or father?
15.Name the first person you want to meet in life for the first time?
Jesus.then comes Tom delonge
16.Name the first person that came into ur mind.
17. The most exciting place you want to go?
Live aid concert
angels and airwaves concert.
18. What is your favourite colour?
Anything that looks good on me
basically everything
19.Do you believe in God?
20. What are you doing right now?
Typing this shit la
lol.sorry cant curse
21.Point out 5 things about the person who tag you, Jamie Chen
-eats less than a baby
-My band,White Fluffy pao's vocalist=)
-Small mouth i mean lips
-Big stomach=D
22. I tag.......




Wednesday, July 16, 2008



Darren wants me to blog about today.

it's a good day.
and um,

officially mine.LOL.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


hello! :D
Darren has gave me permission to hack access his blog
and update for him ;D
since he doesn't know what to update about.

for now i have no idea what to update.

lollipops. his favourite.
too much can cause tooth decay.so cute. T.T

i still prefer cupcakes.
they have those decietful coating of sugar.yumm. T.T


i'm his official co-blogger.

jennifer :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


yeahh just laugh.lol
the bands name is stoopid btw..

Prefects Reunion

The prefects board of 2004( i think)organised this wonderful event as a private function to
reunite all ex prefects and current prefects
event was held at KL tower..there was an indie festival going on at the same time too..lol
bittersweet,butterfingers,one buck short were among the highlights
but too bad i didnt have the time to go..sigh

so anyways
prefects reunion was a bomb..
except for some performances and the food..
It was OOOKAYY...catered food!
yeah u heard me catered!the food u expect to see in small functions..the chocolate fountain was another bomb..(why so many bombs?)
but too bad i forgot to indulge in it..heh...i would've lick it clean like mama's mom licking mama's girl's food leftover.lol
shes gay.lol

everybody was very formally dress..i didnt want to wear my suit as i tot malaysia was hot enough

malaysia's whether(hot)+suit(hotter)+me(hottest)=very very hot
lol sorry a im vain

oh yeah my bus was crazy with 'godzilla' jokes alll..seriously we laughed like hell..
oh today someone came out as a record breaker for laughing for 12 minutes..-.-
we laughed the whole journey man..we should bcome record holders.too.lol

Hannah Yeoh and her husband came oso..was quite confused on why she came,
as speculations on political issues were raised here and there
she still came anyway...respect her and the prefects.hah
respect the o.c too for making this event very nice..thanks all=)

our performance ah:
Performance , hmmm. It all was kinda boring , ecpt JamieC's and DarrenL's performance! Damn they rocked! Its a wonder how they didnt get into the Talentquest finals. Ignorant-deaf judges. I was practically standing on my feet during their performance trying so hard to ring FishyMAK to let her listen to the songs. She didnt pick up!

(matt lai's comment on his blog.lol..damn he got a new guitar im gonna twist his nipples again..wait he doesnt have one=D)

pictures are in my fone but lazy to upload it.haha
so i decided to steal some:
the breathtaking view of kl from backstage.Me lying on the glass as a dare from jamie..the glass felt as it was going to break though.lol
the very developed kl.hahahaMy shoe.lol
My high face..i dno why jenn was trying to copy my eyes.HAHAHAHHA

more pictures soon=)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Malam Seribu Bintang

so as u all may have heard smksu is having the malam seribu bintang which is translated to english which basically means
'thousand stars night'...
i know it sounds corny but u know they like to eat jagung la so wtv la its better than the name sumbangsih which has no damn meaning at all in English..

It will be like 'Donationsih night...haha wtv la

Well the dinner is RM150...and the cost price is RM 60..
so i dont really understand why those blood suckers PIBG want so much out of us miserable students...like along wei..lol

OH theres more..all crew and commitee MUST go domatter what...
ur house on fire ke,ur nenek mati ke,ur dog tfk ke,ur toilet overflow,you still need to eff-ing go.
LOL i know...they're forced..but at least they get sbsisdised 50 bucks and committee subsidised 100 bucks..thats below cost man!!.
yeah but they work so hard all..ya la now these days everything go up,
petrol naik,tol naik,sugar naik,flour naik,my hair also go up all
but add maths result go down..hahaha

I do know some crew and committee who wish they could boycott the dinner but they're forced to go just like how our YB and Tan sri's are forced to buy protons...and the "best" thing is it is held in Holiday Villa..OMG..

Now let's see what can we do with the money of RM150 then just going to a dinner and watch several performance by some "super good" contestants who managed to get in the finals:

-Buy gundam(if u are a zhi hoe or paul)
-buy porno,i mean angels and airwaves album(if u are a peter chu)
-buy rams and stuff for ur computer(if u are a yuk tsi peter or zhi hoe)
-buy guitar stuff(if u'r me)
-buy cigarettes enough to make u get lung cancer in one hour.lol
-buy the 5 omega t shirts(if ur a girl)
-and eat mamak nasi goreng and milo ais for 30 times at least
-go buy 65 litres of petrol
-and also buy a can of abalone

now isnt it wiser to put money into better use since there is inflation going on so rapidly..

And oh...best part is, as ticket sales are extremely slow and the thing is in two weeks, out of sheer desperation the commitee came out with an ingenious plan. Whereby every class from Form 1 to 5 HAVE TO get at a minimum of 10(sepuluh) people to go for the dinner AT ALL COSTS(not cos,tan,sin). They don't give ur mother breast milk cow nipple shits on how you do it, be it blackmail,whitemail,death threats or even accuse u as a homo like anwar, as long as you get 10 people to get their sorry asses in Holiday Villa. They didn't state the conseqences if you don't though.

So for example if you're in a class of 36, like mine, everyone will have to fork out 42 bucks to sponsor 10 people from the class to attend the dinner. That is if your class has 36 people and none of them are going lah(which is likely possible due to the cheap price). Oh crew members are not included in the 'honorary 10' though, so if noone from the class of 36 goes, the crew members from that class will also have to contribute 42 bucks even though they have already paid RM100 for their own tickets. So unfair lah.

They have last resort plan oso

CALL YOUR PARENTS.they can try tt seriously...next day front page..

"school forces students to pay 150 bucks for school hall even though its their last year"
i mean cmon la..were not benefitting anyway..
its like im asking u give me 500 million i wanna renovate my house...
get it/?its not as tough as add maths to figure this shit out..

stop building stuff already...our fields have no hope..they have to be returfed and releveled again.. all the school in subang jaya combine money oso cant pay la...

And the hall...
OMG..the engineer ofthe hall is not very engineereed to use his pea brains to think
the accoustics of the hall is HORRENDOUS its like singing in an empty parking lot..how much echo can u hear?
however walls they put,air cond,machine guns,mc donalds, it will not be a good hall unless nothing is to be said through a microphone in the hall..
so pls get back to senses
and think how much money are u all gonna waste by raising money

propaganda co idea-ed by Peter chu

Random posts

hi readers
im do bored..
i got a new phone..yeah!=P
tmrw is saturday which means its prefects reunion..woohoo
we havent really decided what song to play blame jamie

cf showed the subang rally video today
wth..hahha..lucky they cut some parts.hahaha

owh and tmrw is interclass basketball..my class is selling stuff to raise money(again)
and i have to be there by 7..what the heckkk..respect my sleep man.lol

im so bored of blogging..i respect those who can blog like everyday super long posts all

nah a picture to make u happy:MY PEDALBOARD!hahaha

gibson and darren and the crazy lights


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Talent Quest semi finals

hey readers
sorry havent been blogging so long due to busyness

as u all may know talent quest semi finals took place last saturday
white fluffy pao DID NOT manage to get into the finals

yes i am very dissapointed...
its like when jamie singng to the chorus edi mic no sound..then ppl complain to soft.wtf mann
the tecnical crew didnt do a very good job indeed
but rice become porridge edi what to do?

judges also not very fair
i would not comment on that..

anyway i stole some pics from esthers blog as she managed to take some pictures;
jamie and i in matching outfits

thanks to all our fans
thanks for supporting i love all of yu

still dissapointed=(

Talent Quest semi finals