Thursday, October 30, 2008

Classifieds v1

Hey dudes
i got a epal ipod sentuh to sell

its the 1st genration one 8g
it is BRAND NEW smooth like a new born baby's ass..=)
and it come with everything in the box...earphones la,cable la,box la
even the john lennon stupid face there oso got..

Rm 650 only

reason for sale:Don't want

Deepavali 2008 with 5 omega=)

Hey Deepavali 2008 was help in kiba's house
really enjoyed it...thats why i love Malaysia where we can all gather
and appreciate/celebrate one's traditional bla bla bla festival

ok pictures up

less than 2 weeks to spm.
woohooLOL..stole this pic from minshen
Group Shot
Grace,Nat and someone =)
Another henna...i think it's Amritha's
Pei Yeen,Jess,Sweat Zhe=)MCA group
Our Hannah Montana(henna)
Pimped up by me..the guitar

We Played sissy fireworks
Group Shot 1
Tee Wern's double motion equation of straight line
THUMB wei wen..can u feel the smartness?
Hit me Hit me!
Casual shot?
Deeee--leee---cious foood!
J's Balls(inside joke)=D
Twin towers...
Yeah like any chinese open
Alexandra the great
hungry?grab a snickers=)
Candid..Sorry camera shake..some guy pushed me while eating it is soon fei i would have died.stampede.hahaha..
Min Shen's way of expressing her bollywood feelings...notice wei wen
He saw my 6

AND the pimped up telecaster


thats all=)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friendly people=)

wow i can imagine certain superstars
very berlagak edi after becoming famous and stuff
even local bands...charging so damn expensive thinking they're music is good
when it is not..i'll probably mention when times are right
anyway today's highlight will be THE JONAS BROTHERS

erm Jason wong lip hung's fav band
ever imagined a muscular playing sissy songs?

anyway i found this video on utube
look how they interact with the crowd man!
and how friendly are they
and how often all of ur siblings form a band n make it sound nice9except jackson 5,cos only mj made it)wait not anymore..he sodomise ppl like
except for the youngest jonas who keeps making disturbing sound like 'err yeah hor yeahh'
sound like he was getting a blowjob on stage

anyway i used to label this guys as gay music
but after hearing again i dont rly think so
they're so talented...each play more than an instrument,can act(camp whore i mean rock)
they've got gr8 sounding guitars,high end equipment and stuff

so yeah this ends my post
shit u spm

Friday, October 10, 2008

New toys=)

Hey i got another new distortion pedal
Electro Harmonix Metal Muff
eventhough i dont play metal its quite a versatile pedal
so yeah happy with it for the time being

the imgae above is my latest pedalboard
sad right
yeah i knoww=(Tadaa


Thursday, October 9, 2008


Hey peeps
guess what ?
i got 7a's for trials..hahaha
hard to believe eh
but i still need to work on add maths and chemistry
please someone help me=)
please please=)

heh..oh guess what
i got a new pedal
and its none other than the



MXR Zakk Wylde