Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Berry christmas

Merry Christmas to all

and happy birthday to my lord Jesus=)

have a great one everybody

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Prom 2008! (part 1 )

Lol so here it is finally part 1 of prom pics 2008
due to obnoxious demands from several parties


Cotton candy changed their name to Tragedy is Comedy
Stupid shots by clement(our maid for the who got in free n using my camera)
Some dude performing unplugged
the other half of the dude
table next to us
singing his way to the crowd.did a gay thing with me too.=D(hummer)
sung n more buffed than him
dhiv n me..5 omega forever=)
5 omega!
shot 2
=) x2
si onn n mua
Me,wei shen,Sam
the free masquerade mask
Min Shen up closed again!
Jason n sonia..his date...he's all grown up now finally.=)
i didnt take this shot
Phantom of the Oprah?!
Group pose
chooi si,ann ee and sam

btw pics are from up to down,.lol

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Part 2 pics of cf farewell

Here is part 2 pictures=)
these are from bottom to top
argh screw it dunk the president=)

Dunk 1

Dunk 2
Dunk 3Dunk 4
Group carolling
Group carolling 2
Esther chu
'mana nombor domino's pizza?'
Carolling 3
Esther again on the piano
Infectious laugh
Still carolling...
Singing IN TUNE=D
min shen ur hair=)
carolling lagi
i was the dentist for the night=)
chooi si n ann ee
Yay group picc!
us and the banner
second half of us
joyce took this shots
another one
sung and his muscles .lol
muscles 2.i was forced to retake cos cannot see the
form 5'ves
look at jimmy's hand.kinky=)
arthur,vinesh,jim,wei shen,sung
Vinesh showing his boobs..he cant match