Sunday, January 25, 2009


I'm starting to be used to climbing up the four gruesome floors of taylors
Gah!stupid inti have lifts

Oh yeah stacks of homework are still waiting to be completed
i'll probably study accounts tmrw tho...must not waste rm9k of parents hard earned money(pn'poh's words)..

Im tired of changing ipods already
i seriously need a new gadget
ps3 is seriously dead boring if played continuously
wii is also boring if u play alone
can u imagine how sad it is too play boxing alone?

oh btw i need to go shopping after cny
who's iinterested?

and to all you malaysians and bangladeshis(if any)
Happy Chinese New Year!
i'm not married so stop being retarded and ask angpao(red packet)(paket merah)
from me

OMG thats too gay

Monday, January 19, 2009


sorry never blog for so long man
been busy with college stuff

so stress la with assignments and deadlines and the ever so much maths homework
by miss

and btw the converse shoe price are not making it and sell so i am in no position to offer a best price basis or 'eh cheaper la for me' situation


i need a life wei seriously

oh anyone got an ipod to sell?

need new ipod la

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Interesting day

Gosh today i wasted 8 solid hours of my life
went for the theory and practical driving thing which lasted 6 hours(supposedly)

went with jimmy..and met up with a fren too
so coincidence..we were suppose to be taught how to change tyre all
wiper,learn about troubleshooting minor car problems and do's and dont's when sitting for exam..

turns out that we completely wasted our day...
the guy was busy flirting with those girls and some boys and we didn't even bother to listen any further
he was being lame(the bad lame)
and i think he's seriously retarded
i wasted 200 bucks for this dissapointed..and tired..

to others..please bring a pillow next time

on the other hand i know i've been selling alot of stuff lately..
hahahaha..this is just hands-on training for the business

so another sale=)
actually helping my fren for this one...

(click on the pic to make it bigger)

Converse All Star Classic
RM75 only(retails Rm95)

Converse All Star Classic high cut
RM79(retails rm99)Converse All Star Japan special edition
Converse Jack Purcell
Black or white colour
RM75(retails rm99)
Converse Jack Purcell Leather
Black or white
Rm150(retails rm199)

anything sms 0176535657 or email to
all original k

limited pieces=)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ti-84 plus for sale

ok this is not mine,..
i have one he's selling cheap

new one costs rm600
taylors selling for rm450 for 3 days only

im selling rm 290 slight negotiable la =)

its dam cheap edi anyway

anyhoos ipod sold

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Classifieds v 4

Up for grabs is an Ipod Video 80g 5.5 gen

selling at Rm519 only!

view the pics for the condition

its 95% scratchless...and the best part is that it has a large enough screen
=) to watch videos

Prom pics 2008 (part 1)

Lol so here it is finally part 1 of prom pics 2008
due to obnoxious demands from several parties


Cotton candy changed their name to Tragedy is Comedy
Stupid shots by clement(our maid for the who got in free n using my camera)
Some dude performing unplugged
the other half of the dude
table next to us
singing his way to the crowd.did a gay thing with me too.=D(hummer)
sung n more buffed than him
dhiv n me..5 omega forever=)
5 omega!
shot 2
=) x2
si onn n mua
Me,wei shen,Sam
the free masquerade mask
Min Shen up closed again!
Jason n sonia..his date...he's all grown up now finally.=)
i didnt take this shot
Phantom of the Oprah?!
Group pose
chooi si,ann ee and sam

btw pics are from up to down,.lol

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hey guys
been few days since last update..
lol im finally gonna take my undang this friday..after a long wait..due to enormous sudden popularity of driving..

so anyway i found something rather interesting which i may highlight to all readers out there

a text on dangers of

'There has been a lot of interest in shisha in Brunei. It was mentioned during the Legislative Council meeting earlier this month.

I was sitting with my cousin yesterday anreading an article on shisha in yesterday’s BB. It mentioned the dangers of shisha and hopefully put right some of the common misconceptions of shisha amongst Bruneians. My cousin was pressured by his friends to try it. The friends assured him that it was not tobacco!! He did not have any in the end but some of the so called assurance by the friends were quite far from the truth.

I will mention some of the myths here but I am sure that there are more out there.

1. It is just apple, not tobacco.

This is a common misconception. Fruits and other aromatics are added to the tobacco while burning to give a tasty smoke, in some cases apple. This will give the impression that it is not tobacco.

2. It is not smoke, just water vapour

This made me laugh. I can see how some people might think that it is water vapour, but come on, it is smoke coming out of the device.

3. It is safe!! Water absorbs the dangerous chemicals.

This is far from the truth. The theory is that smoke passes through water first before being inhaled. Imagine if this was true. It must be magic water because it is able to absorb hundreds of toxic chemicals including carcinogens. Shisha users still get addicted to it because nicotine passes through. More scientifically, there is now proof that shisha smoke is as bad as normal cigarettes.

The truth is that shisha is just as bad as cigarettes. Once you get addicted to the nicotine, you will increase the amount of shisha you use. Some may even hang out more in places with shisha or even buy their own machine. Most will move on to cigarettes to get the nicotine and so become a smoker. In my opinion, you are already a smoker once you start using shisha anyway.

Therefore, don’t try shisha, even if your friends are doing it. Oh yeah, not inhaling deeply is still inhaling, so if you want to stay healthy, do not shisha..'

LOL...i didnt know it was dangerous..well anyway

better buckle up today marks a new year which promises good but not for me or any others who do not like being buckle up in their seat belts behind

lol..i find it very uncomfortable..and i do not know what is the problem of not wearing seatbelts...maybe next year we may have to install oxygen masks in our car to prevent lack of oxygen..damn!

Worse thing is that the fine is RM300 till july and RM2000 subsequently..

Great huh

Malaysia boleh!

Happy New Year everyone=)