Thursday, March 26, 2009


Malaysia Studies Video

finally uploaded


Monday, March 23, 2009


5th july '08 (:

greetings! :D
i'm bored out of my mind.
so i decided to raid D's blog. HEE.
who is currently busy doing his assignment.


Happy 8th month 1 week. haha!

ily e-zern! (:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Genting trip

This was before getting back our spm results
and since SAM was on break for a week

we decided to go Genting=)
to pay some respect to the late great Lim Goh Tong
who had a vision in his eyes to open up a theme park for malaysia and a casino which did a great role in globalising Malaysia

anyway i lose my memory card for the yeah photos all gone
lucky there are another 5 cameras to kumpul balik

Group PicWah dam yeng=)

*points* Let's play the carousel

more pics to be up soon ya

btw i love plagiarising

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stressful week

Oh god im gonna explode
driving test today,SPM PMS results tmrw,then i got 5 assignments to do
all of which the due dates are near..

i had to wait quite a while for the driving thing man
of course i
not because i was bad la...u know la they will purposely fail u for no reason
cos i didnt bribe them/tambah nilai.Intregrity my friend=)

the following happened today as such

Example 1:
I cant shift the gear from 1 to 2/3 to 2
as his legs were as huge as the car itself.seriously the guy open kangkang dam big feel like punching him in the nuts

Example 2:
The guy kept hinting for coffee money(duit kopi)
but i gave him the Sausage Mcmuffin look

Example 3:
U know im sure everybody has been taught to slow down at a bent?
so i did and the guy scolded

Him:'Eh kenapa tekan clutch s'masa membelok ??
Me:Nak slow down ma...=) *innocent smile*
Him:Tak boleh la..instructor tak ajar ah??*kept scolding me*
Me in my mind:$%&*$$%&*
Me:oh ok..instructor tak ajar how?
Him:*rolls eyes*

Example 4:
At the roundabout,

Him:'pergi pergi no need stop'
Me:'tapi intructor kata every roundabout kena stop
Him:'tak pe pergi shj'

then i went there wasnt any car

Him;'kenapa jalan?nanti u hentam kereta di sebelah kanan'!!

LOL he's an ass la
dam cool la

nvm la i still have my integrity

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am blogging in college

Gosh my eyes are gonna close any moment since math class
and the best thing is
SPM results in a week or so wei!arghhh

Oh as i was walking today i saw pn rajes
lol..she asked rather familiar questions la the where u studying at bla bla
saddening for me as i have driving test next week during my break but yeah i dont plan to bribe

i just hope they purposely wont fail me wei
seriously those j*j people..too corrupted edi la
wan so much money for what..rm200 somemore

if everyday got a few students their monthly salary
imagine how much they earn sial
i oso wanna become j*j officer la


currently tuning into:
love story-taylor swift

shit damn gay i know
but its nice la
addicted her eyes are really small
we can make good friends