Saturday, April 25, 2009

Surprised??! No not really...

Some people change
Some people don't\
Some change for the better
Some chane for the worse

Now how does a person change you may wonder?
We may ask ourselves every single day and probably never ever thought of people around you changing..?
Change can be a very subjective issue to talk and it is definitely easy to talk or write about it but it is the doing of it has any real meaning however.

Do you and ur best friend or friend still stay in touch?
Do you and ur best friend still relive of the fond memories that has ever happened and talk about crazy wacky stuff that you used to do?

Life still goes on even if you move up to different colleges or school but do the friendship last?
How long can a bond hold friends together?
The thing is close friendships will likely endure many changes over the years.In fact the same people you used to talk to now will never be the same anymore.
They may have found 'better' friends and you may feel betrayed.
But what can you do?Nothing..

because it is their life and what they choose to do with it is their problem..It might definitely seem sad and depressing at times but yeah..we have to accept the fact that people do change
Some friends rely on you for something and when it is fulfilled you're no more in their medulla oblongata no more.Not even as a neutron in their world.

Some 'friends' might create various excuses just to not meet you or talk to you
be it in sms,phone calls,face to face conversation,or even facebook.
The only thing about a real and true lasting friendship is tolerance and acceptance not forgetting certain sacrifices that have to be made in life.

Some wish they could turn back time just to cherish the friendship they once had a little bit longer than before.Some wished that there is more than 24 hours in life just to relive that wonderful moment.
I wished i can turn back time to cherish some friendship that have became dust over these few years

Now we just gotta live with the changes and learn to accept what God have made it to be
And to those who still choose to makee excuses or ignore you,
We have to adapt with that can still try conversing but there will be negative response tho..we all gone through it before....(to be cont)

time is running out gotta do some stuffs first
take care

Seasons change, friends move away, and life goes on from day to day. Flowers fade and streams go dry and many times we wonder why

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best Short Video

Watch this video..

trully mesmerizing..won the best short video something something

really worth the win though..nothing speaks louder than this to not waste your food

I myself have seen someone in KFC doing this.Please dont waste your food people

Count your blessings=)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fact to make u happy

Random fact 1:

A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes.

This is seriously cool.I'm doing this to make myself happy.sigh

Teardrops on my guitar

This is what im tuned to currently
A really meaningful video and song
Beautifully done.Reflect lives of some

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Ok this post is specially dedicated to the band metrostation
with hits like shake it and seventeen forever,every girl would go gaga over them except lady gaga of wtf

k anyways i felt like blogging this post after i saw their live vids on youtube bout last year but kinda procrastinated and forgot about it

So what makes this band special?
Their Voice =D

lol their album version of the songs or the ones u hear on the radio will sound so much nicer than live as they probably redubbed and editted it alot of times..cos they SUCK live

i mean every LIVE video of theirs,THIS dude,which is related to hannah montana cant sing for nuts man
He's always with that stupid creepy whisper and always off key

I mean not some of the live performances but all wei!

watch for urself

The other guy is not bad..he's much much better even though he keeps mispronouncing the word 'shake it' to 'shay it'

but i have no complains i mean no matter how sucky they may be their still making alot of'
and getting girls la of course

but yeah thats another reason why the world should end in 2012

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

Oh well i got my well deserved rest after staying up to complete that 2k word draft
but dont worry guys we all malaysian all procrastinate to the last minute with the 'tidak-apa' attitude

Kar-mun finished her report at 7.30
wth.LOL go rest la u zombiefied frankenstein

and why is it so difficult to type a message on iphone?

i'll get used to it la

buh byee=)

tuning in to:
Love Story-Taylor Swift

2000 word draft?!

Lesson no.1
-Never never procrastinate till the last minute.WHy?
cos procrastination is the thief of time

no la cos i procrastinated and i got to finish writing 2k words in 3 hours and then study for accounting test tmrw
its 12.30 a.m. now.


one pic to cheer u up=)
Tiff took a pic of my legs
dont ask why.i have no idea either


Monday, April 6, 2009

Esl not done

Lol i know this is contradicting to my previous post title..but that was presentation now i have esl draft for my investigative report..1500 to 2k words ok

Dont take SAM
its no longer south australian metriculation but rather Self-Abuse Metriculation

So anyway im blogging for we have break and im supposed to eat fast fast and come to library
tiffany la..rushing rice also havent finished..sure i kena flamed by those Gaza people for not appreciating my food=(
walao i eat like during world war 2 like that
waste my rice only

anyway something really amusing happened during maths class
Our teacher was teaching us calculus and she was like

Teacher:"Calculate the area bounded by the curve which means including the 'rattan girls'(rectangles).lol

If u guys are wondering why my blog has alot of dialog convo...blame it on primary school
learn too much of karangan

Tata guys/girls

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Esl done

Sorry for some delay in blogging..just lazy to log
well the bright side is that esl presentation on issue analysis is done..
issue analysis is analysing an issue

The bad thing is..this tuesday have to pass up a damn draft which has to consist of 1500 words and above.


Tuesday i have Accounts exam..which nobody understands at all except those brighter crayons..if ur a crayon shin chan like me..u'll probably dont understand..mostly because of super extraordinary lecturers taylors have.Why?

For example(true case)

Darren:Teacher can u explain this again i dont really understand
Teacher:I duuunnnoo?!(in the most unexplainably irritating voice u'll ever hear)
Darren:bbutt ur the teacher how can u dono?
Teacher:U Must be talking when i taught u..i won't repeat my lectures

this is just one scenario plus she stutters alot so her english sounds like sanskrit

Gossip Girl (presentation day)
Notice the colour lol

more pics up soon.