Thursday, May 28, 2009


Kudos to Barcelona for beating man utd
it was a good game yet barcelona played better
thay deserved to win

Still proud of Ferguson's side
You all did great
and Park created history by being the first asian in Champions League

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


God why i so handsome?

Tonight 2.45 am!
means tommorow 2.45 if you wanna get technical

k anyways Man united is so gonna tapao barcelona la
Hopefully *fingers crossed*
Sorry to those who still have exams and can't stay up and watch.I feel you
A tip for you:
Just watch the match and then study right after that then go school and sit for the exams
Your brain works better faster harder during the wee hours of morning
Its a fact.:)

I would like to see this tonight: =D
After Man u score a goal?
Can't get possesion of ball :)
Fainted after Ronaldo dribble pass
Alas Champions 2009 *hopefully*

LOL this is seriously retarded but i wish they would play their best tonight

For the Quadruple!

Blink 182 is back=)

Blink 182 is finally back!
after like 5 years being apart in 2 bands
This post is actually like outdated as i procrastinate alot

Anyways to those who do not know this is their T-Mobile show which they performed
opened by Weezer and Fall Out Boy
Tom was drunk on that night and it was perfect

Mark and his new 'like a boss' bass
Tom DeLonge and his joget he learned from Sarawak.
'Oh shit I forgot to sing' *runs back to the mic*
Travis the Survivor.He reminds me of Die hard.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love Story v2


Forgive the minor mistakes

Saturday, May 23, 2009



Whoa like after 4days of grousome drilling mid year exams
Im done!

But i still need to catch on alot of sleep tho
If you know me well enough Being without sleep is like taking away drugs from a drug addict
Everyday sleep at about 130 am and wake up at 4 am plus no naps in the afternoon is a killer
Well I hope that doesn't make my eye any smaller than it actually is already

Crap i just woke up after being in comatose state str8 after dinner lol
Well that wraps up semester one of SAM
2 weeks of well deserved holidays now

signing off=)

Sunday, May 17, 2009



Friday, May 15, 2009


World's Greatest Procrastinator

none other than

Mr Darren Lau E-Zern



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bad day

Today was shit
im having break now and today we just had to blog about a lecturer
skipping break for blogging is a huge actually it was tiff's idea she was going to blow up any moment..for me,i gave up on her long time ago
cannot resist la..(*@#$^!!!

So basically she's just a normal average lecturer in ta***rs college with a difference from others which is serious attitude problem.Seriously she ought to be shot with a AK-47 or just be one of the zombies in Left 4 Dead for me to kill

Therefore Tiff and I came up with an alias for her,thus she should be called

*jeng jeng jeng*

Little Miss Kotex!

Bloody hell
Seriously shes like a bloody sanitary pad la
she sucks and pretty much a pain in the ass plus uncomfortable

She will never answer your questions or reply you with a dumber question?
1)Weren't you listening?
2)I dunnnnoo??!
3)Why didn't you pay attention in class?etc

I mean i'm asking cos i don't know the answer or solution and IF I had listened to you Why would the blue cheese ask you something i already know?
Damn it wei..Just plain dumb.Nearly all of her students can't stand her even though we are sitting wtf -.-

And did i mention she never repeat her lectures?
her own words =)
Probably she can't repeat cos she stutters too much

Note to Little Miss Kotex who enjoys sucking up blood and uterus lining
gfy =D

Feels good man

Now i feel better
right tiff?

Sell Out

Had a movie day with our fun psych lecturer,miss audrey and the 'hot chick' she brought
plus some classmates
tiff ffked us as usual=)

We watched Sell Out which is a malaysian show directed and acted by malaysians
one of the very fine productions a malaysian ever did
very nice and humorous..but i still dont get some parts must have discussion d.the konon hot 'angmoh' lecturer also said this film is malaysia's best...I mean how often does malaysia make it to this stage man?


This film bagged many awards including the venice film thingy
worth the watch=)
tho at first i didnt seem to like will trust me

Support Malaysia Yo!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tribute to mothers=)

i remember writing this during the add maths exam in form 4(cos i didnt know how to do add maths) ROFL
an original poem written by me(cheh)
felt like posting it u
since it's mother's day this poem will be serious haha
lol this is so olddd but yeah
to all mothers out there
dedicated to u

You were there,
Through tough and easy times,
You hold my hand,
When the sun forbears to shine

Your endless loving love,
Brought me up to who I am,
That warmth you give,
It molded me to be a man

You showed me the way,
and thought me the right values,
You directed me not to sway away,
and showed me the right venues

You earned a living,
To make ends meet,
the hardship, pain and the grieving,
It was all worth it

The love of a mother is great,
only God can compare,
To those some may hate,
but she will always be there

When I am sick,
You took tender care of me,
Even when i am weak,
You opened my eyes to see,
How much a mother's love can be


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Braceless =D

Eheheh after one year plus of torture and bulky metal in my mouth

It's Gone

Before =)After =DD
btw sory for shit pictures all the time havent been using the dslr


Ps:To Aw Jing Yi my bff good luck in your future undertakings

You will be deeply missed by our classmates and teachers not forgetting Miss Yong Poo Ling

Bff (with my too-tired-to-smile brace face)
Fun times with sarah and jing=)Sarah misses you too!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Band Name

This is from Othniel's blog.
His fault =)

kay..if u have been following the updates of my band, we used to be called Cotton Candy..until we found out that name was already taken by a metal band in we switched to Tragedy is Comedy...
until!! I found out I forgot our myspace password for the band.. :(
so now we (as a band) are scratching our heads for a new band name!!
Suggestions please!! TankU!!


Lol suggestions are open

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


No it's actually the front of the shirt.

It's for a good cause people(Human Rights Week next week btw).Be a part of charity and wear this t shirt proud!

The price for this shirt will be a crazy ridicolously desperate RM22 only =)

White version
-14 XS
-10 S
-7 M
-2 L

Pink version
-NO XS (SRY!!)
-9 S
-7 M
-1 L

Contact me @ 0176535657 for bookings be fast=)

It is for charity and its to fight against racism in our society.

So cmon guys BE COLOUR BLIND* =)

*only and only after u take JPJ undang test

Monday, May 4, 2009

Funniest Line Yet =)

This must've been the funniest line i've ever heard in my 18 years of living on this earth


"If i was a superhero (like spiderman,superman,batman,iron man,,etc) I would be 'Music Man' and start developing his strengths, weapons and missions, all in the mold of a superhero.”Armed with the ever ugly dragon-shaped Bahamut guitar which costs US 25k (dam dumb and fugly), this Music-Man is on a mission to kononnya “save the music world”.

Cool right

hahahahaha..sorry lee hom fans
i just gotta say it

Friday, May 1, 2009


It was our First Competition second gig

Yesterday was a fruitful night as Cotton Candy rocked Taylors and emerged as champions for the event,Loud and Proud Singing Competition 2009
(ignore my perasan post)

Pics:Before the event started
Champions=)Othniel shok sendiri
Nehe's turn to ssEh finally my turn.lolOK la the prize money cant ask much right lol