Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute to the King Of Pop(and one of the old charlie's angel)

The King =)
R.I.P the late great Michael Joseph Jackson
(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Such a tragedy he died before his last album release..due to cardiac arrest..
I even tattoed my leg in memory of him.No im not serious ;p

And one more tragedy,
Farrah Fawcett which happens to be the original Charlie's Angels member

The original cast of Charlie's Angel

Farrah Fawcett ;)

A tribute :

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I heart typing maniac

As usual my title has nothing to do with what i have to
I find this very fun especially coming up with random statements just to fill in the title column whenever i blog.Lol

Alright we had Moral and computer accounting exam today..All I can say was the accounting test was disastrous as our class 'unfortunately' was given a harder paper to complete
SHIT right.Well thanks to HER we had a hard time doing our exam unlike other classes


Pictures for the day =)

Us hogging the stairway before the moral
That's me n 'Basket' tiff having a Yakult

Btw she drinks that everyday and I think that's what making her more annoying

Thats for now =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recording In a Studio Part 2

So yeah this is 2nd part
From the latest news
the studio guy have already did a rough mix and it sounds gr8
so stay tune yeahh =D

Scalloped-Neck RG ;p
We tried Mixing lol
while the studio guy was smoking lol
Latest Guitar Technique LOL Cotton Candy Style =)
'Its a love story baby just say yes'
Beowulf on drums XD
Nice??? =)
Travis barker mou lol
Skills lol

Thats it =)

Recording In Studio Part 1

So yeah as you know,
Cotton Candy have been in the studio to record our debut single Love Story cover ;p
Well it was so so so fun but very tiring as well
The studio owner said we were ahead of time as the average bands took more then 10 hours for one song.we managed to do it in 8 or 9 ;)

Still we're exhausted and we are still waiting for the final editing and what not to be done in a few days
Drums were first followed by Bass,Rhythm guitar (twice due to double trackking),Lead Guitar and finally
We're planning to put in some synths,minor accoustic guitar parts and some drum sampling

My Pedalboard.dam heavy weyh =(
Testing the Sound Isolation
*Tweaking tweaking*
Say Hi to Othniel XD
Nice! ;p
I Am Beowulf! ;p ;p
His Moment to shine while we were laughing at the studio owner lol
I dont even know why i took this hahaha
Othniel's Trademark pose.Not a single decent picture of him.LOL
Headbang mou????
Recording the Bass lines
Serious yeahh XD
Othniel raping my wife =(
Shake it somemore LOL
Messy Messy..Imagine this for 9 str8 hours

2nd part coming soon when i have the energy
now so tired after extreme Futsal and p2's party lol

Nights ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Thief ( TIFF) * belated on purpose*

Ok sorry tiff for not blogging about u on ur bday itself.I have to prepare for tutorial and now im free so..;)
and yeah i wished her on her birthday lol at the very last second cos i wanted her to feel depressed cos i did not wish her HAHAHA and i did not forget kay..How to forget?She spammed my whole planner for the month June since one week from her birthdate to her birthdate indicating her birthday is coming XD

So Tiff..What about her?
hmm A bloody basket who sits next to me everyday in class.;p

We curse each other every single day just for fun(no..seriously)..of course she's the one who starts it first every morning.Lol

She also suffers from ADP and EDP syndrome (inside joke).lolwtfbbq

She have to drink Yakult everyday and 500 tonnes of water everyday i don't know why..;D

She has 3 pens and all the available colours of highlighter in her pencil case.(random) LOL

She has a cute soft toy which she treats it like a real human being.hahaha..etc thats too much information edi

There she is!
I am beowulf! XD (the soft toy is on her head btw)
Leong WenYi =)
This was quite long ago when i still had my braces lol
Shes the only human i know that can do that face.*zoom on tiff's face* ;p
She got influenced by me XD
Tai Chi workout before Maths.Notice Wei Shen the genius who doesnt have to study at

Yes lah i still owe u ur present..Does Cotton Candy's EP sounds good?Hahahhaa

So have a great one while u still can and she's now eighteen years OLD

Happy Birthday Chester *belated*

I am Beowulf!

Happy Birthday Sarawak boy!
Please dont blowpipe me
i wasnt late just that i procrastinated this post

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hoedown Throwdown

Our whole class is gonna dance to this man
Whole class wei for the yearbook project thingy
heheh..So btw Tutorial was awesome (for me) as i did not have a script or planned what I wanted to say
I did it Spontaneously ;D

It was perfect 10 minutes somemore..Coincidence?

Lets do the hoedown throwdown ;p

Monday, June 15, 2009

Big day ahead

I am beowulf!! ;p

Sigh.. Having Tutorial tomorrow
which is an English presentation..formal attire..
best thing is I have not drafted out my speech

I pray that tmrw i would not stutter as i speak and present well

Friday, June 12, 2009

I have a dog

Left 4 Dead-ing with the the crazy bunch after class
Sarah's also here

brb yeahh


Monday, June 8, 2009

Dog semen is the number one cause of bad breath

"Shake Shake Shake Shake it" XD

Our side project,KTM Station replacing metro
Othniel and i came up with that name and yes i know it is stupid XD

Btw this pic was taken when we were recording our debut cover of Metrostation's Shake It.
LOL..Othniel has this on video..perhaps it will be up soon
Oh updates about studio recording,the studio will be bringing in better recording gears this week so it should be soon=)

CLICK ME ME ME for the video

Saturday, June 6, 2009

B&P Conference Part 2

I was actually planning to procrastinate blogging this for AT LEAST a few days
but Amanda Tan Ying Ying could not wait to see her photos lol

Sorry I just had to bold that name ;P
All right i'll upload just somemore nice pics (to me) for your viewing pleasure
Wondering why it takes so long to upload pics?
Cos those DSLR photos turn out to be like few megabytes therefore i need to resize everyone of them..manually or using the program.

So bear with me if i take too long sometimes.It's not me it's the photos
and No! i wasn't procrastinating
Seriously ;p

Alright photos time :

Our fun night presentation..well actually just Esther,Aaron and Weng Kiat
She's too short therefore...=D (notice weng kiat behind there just starring while waiting for his turn) lol
Their Fans...aww..HAHAHHA
Damien the poser heheh
and so is Othniel..
This is what we did others thought we were retarded
We did the Blink 182 logo where all 3 of us were standing ( see part 1)

Essthhherr! and nehe desperately trying to get in the
The first photo of my cam..the room's view..Nice=)
BEOWULF!! XDXD *inside joke*
Notice the resemblance?haha (this is real beowulf..the pic above is cetak rompak)
Our camwhore sessions with the mirror
The brightest star is lies beneath the big star =DOutside the hall =) If u can find my eyes I'll reward you with an empty McD refills =D
My group! Only Hope..I did that flag myself in 10 please dont laugh at my drawings
Ji Mui! *same birthday* =)
Say Hi to Uncle Security Guard =)
The guitars we brought
and the guitar effects we brought
Check Nehe's drum kit..loaded with Meinl cymbals as used by Zac Farro of Paramore.Lovely ;))
The road was empty so..hahaha..we at first lied down on the pavements..(Damien looks like he's shuffling HAHHAHAHA XDXD)
Camera prostitutes mou?
Final day jamming session with the awesome youths ;)
Jamming..accoustic session ;p
But there was not enough accoustic guitar
Who has the nicest bottom of all? Othniel?Nehe?Me?Sue Li?Amanda?
No! it's OBAMA =DD
Us trying to imitate Amanda's Hiro Nakamura's smile..hahahahah
Our serious group pic..except Othniel me and the guy beside Othniel XDXDXDXD

there u go!