Monday, August 31, 2009

Tribute to DJ AM and Malaysia!

Rest in Peace Bro
He's ( DJ AM ) on the left and Travis Barker on the right

Sorry one day late cos ystd too tired.
Back from the NECF thingy in my church.Awesome time with Ps.Phillip Mantofa ;)

Oh happy birthday Malaysia ;)
and for this occasion i'm gonna pay a tribute to Malaysia ;)
Top 10 Things Why I LOVE Malaysia ;)

10. The Crazy Drivers
Never in any country u will experience drivers like Malaysia..They literally go crazy and will transform a Kancil to a Lamborghini anytime especially if it is Puasa period.Hungry
We can also park on the side of the road SUDDENLY to enjoy some cendol, goreng pisang,durian. Um try doing that in Singapore or other countries.;)

9. No natural disaster
Cmon face it people.Even Parameswara and all the Penjajah's chose Malaysia cos of it's unique location on the map.We are shielded from many natural disasters and we do not have 4 seasons in our country, just Seasons Soya Bean ;)
We often complain how the recession HITS us or even a stone fall from a lorry also u curse the bugger,other countries have to prepare to hide under the table during Maths class or something Be grateful ;)

8. Pirated DVD
No offence im not trying to promote piracy here ok.ISA please dont catch
Never in a country u would find pirated stuffs and DVD except China la as we ask them to make,cheaper you see it in other countries it's probably imported from Malaysia anyway ;p We should be proud! Buatan Malaysia XD

You can find practically almost anything fake/pirated/illegal in Malaysia eg; Handbag, Watches, DVD, CD, Electrical stuffs, Fake Panadol, Fake degree XD, etc

7. Lowyat Plaza
Oh so u think those Cina Lala people work in lowyat dam low class all lahh...
They're the only reason why we can have super advance cyber cafe's and crazy modified PC, hardware etc..
We owe them big time in bringing in stuffs like hardware,software,underwear? haha , even all the other electronical items like ipod,mp3 players,Unlocked Iphone,etc.Moreover if not for those people working their hard asses to hack, we would have to pay RM100 for a Pc or playstation game and still using Windows 98. ;p

6. Malaysian timing
If a dinner/event/concert is SCHEDULED to start at 7 pm SHARP, Malaysians will be there at 8pm. Enough said.

and we can still blame every and any 'late-ness' and get off the hook by saying
"oh traffic jam laahh"

( Thats why we did not win any medals in the olympics.We were late for the event.LOL just kidding XD )

5. Multi-racial nation
Have you seen any other country that has 3 or 4 different coloured skin talking to each other without guns?lol
We have to admit it,we have Malays,Indians,Chinese,Punjabis,Orang Asli's,Bidayuh,Kelabit,Penan,Murut,Melanau,Baba Nyonya,Ibans,Dayaks,Bajaus,Kadazans and SIKHISM X(inside joke ;p) etc
In other countries, you can go to a Chinese restaurant, to a rubber estate and to kampung areas and felt as if u travelled across 3 nations but in Malaysia, in one neighbourhood you can see one fella doing indian dance, another neighbour watching TVB drama and Chinese soap Operas and one more preparing to sembahyang.
Isn't it unique? I think so ;)
Sikhism X

Oh i forgot to add, we also have two or three races combined into a human being ;P
Some have
Example : Chindian, Chinlay, Mamak ,Portese (portugese chinese lol) etc.
An example of

4. The weird names
Ok im not mentioning about names of people ok.LOL but of places,food,etc that is so contradicting to our country's name.hahaha

For example we're in Malaysia but we have Ayam Belanda, French Fries, Bombay toast, Selipar Jepun, mee Jawa, China Town, Swiss roll, Masjid India, Durian BelandaBukit China, Mee Siam, Sirap Bandung, Manila card, and to mix everything up just say Rojak. heeheh

Not only that, other countries have champagne,pina colada,wine etc
We have Michael Jackson (Soya Bean n Cincau)
That's a work of pure genius ;D

3. The friends ;)
I love all my friends whether or not they love me ;)
They're the ones that made me who i am and those who support me in whatever circumstances im in ;)
Below are SOME of the photos i can find in my com others are in HD or something.

My best best friend XDXDXD

Ps: all the pics above are not the only friend s that i have.lolol
It'ss be crazy to put all the pics here and if ur not here does not mean u dont matter to me.
Just that these pictures happen to be in my com that's all ;))

Need I explain more?

No where in the world u can find almost any kind of food available in any country but in Malaysia.
Every thing here in Malaysia is edible and tastes so great.
A Malaysian will always eat even if we're not hungry.True enough we live to eat not eat to live ;P
It can be 3 am and confirm there's some stalls be it McD, 24 hour mamak that will be open and people hanging out.
The food is too tempting here in Malaysia that we Malaysians while eating lunch can discuss about what to eat for dinner later or the next day's breakfast.

And finally the number one spot...

*Jeng Jeng Jeng*

1. My Girlfriend ;)
I love Malaysia cos there is where my most loved one belongs and that is where i can find her for as long as she will be in Malaysia
You make me smile

Anyways thats it
Hope u guys like my list.hahaha
k take care now Bye bye ;)
-Ever so proud Malaysian ;))-

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

You've gotta see this!

Im not gay btw.I find HIM entertaining that's all


thats all for tonight.gonna be very busy with assignments and presentations

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa ;)

Sempena bulan Ramadhan, saya ingin wish semua Umat Islam Selamat Berpuasa!!!

Ps:Im still sick ;(

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Belated 18th Birthday Ping!

No I was there for his birthday okay in Taylors library doing research =.=
together with Sarah, Wai Hong, Hui Xiang and Wei Shen..
The poor birthday boy was somewhat emo cos we did not wish him.

It was all part of the plannn ;p

Pictures of me n ping during my birthday party:
He was very HAPPY ;D

Have a great one bro ;)

Sorry could not blog yesterday as im sick.
Yes, Im sick.

Must be because of Mtv Worldstage la.
Heard some idiot who had H1N1 went for the concert
Real dumb guy or
This is the opportunity cost for being in a place packed with people..rubbing against others with their sweat.

Medicine ;(

Will update more when im feeling much better.
I will be back ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mtv WorldStage 2009 ;)

Ok so i procrastinated on this post as i am having a week holiday now from S.A.M

I spent last Saturday at worldstage with sarah and timothy..It was really worth going actually..Now i know why people are willing to pay Rm100 for a free standing ticket.
As for me i got for free ;p
Thanks to the kind kind organiser heheheh

Most of the pictures are with Sarah as i did not bring my dslr as i thought it was going to rain.It did rain however.haha
Pics below are taken from:

The beautiful stage and lights
Martin Johnson from Boys Like Girls ;)
Really enjoyed them..They played
Love Drunk, Hero Heroin, Thunder and The Great Escape.
All also my favourite ;)

We have the beauuutiiful Pixie Lott ;P
The asian hoobastank dude Doug Robb stretching his armpits ;D They played the Ghostbusters theme.haha


my all time favourite:
The All-American Rejects !
The whole band ;) Really Really awesome
Thats Tyson Ritter the lead singer n bassist..He was covered with glitter.hahaha
They were dam tight as in perfect for their set.Really awesome job ;)

Songs they played:
-Dirty Little Secret
- I Wanna
-The Wind Blows
- Swing Swing
- It Ends Tonight
- Gives You Hell

All in all a very fun day..but super tiring
I enjoyed myself tho ;)

Ps: I didnt post Kasabian cause i dont like them.Pretty me ;p
right after All American Rejects nearly everyone evacuated the place laa...Kesian Kasabian ..Aww ;p

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How much would u do for Mtv Worldstage?

We( Sarah, Me, and Chester) performed love story in order to obtain mosh pit passes..
just one random song..simply play
Chester spoiled the song and forgotten the lyrics but i still love him ;)
Somehow,it's on the xpax website and on

This OMG...This is the winner of the moshpit passes and some red zone tickets for Taylors Subang.
Tell me what happened to the world?
Another reason for the world to end in 2012
Enjoy ;p

This is the winner for overall everything..
They're this talented guys from LimCockWing Uni and they pawned all of the entries flat..No doubt they're good.I like their creativity and skill
For that they won red carpet treatment,platinum passes,vvip post show thingy in Euphoria..etc

My tickets are not confirmed ;(
Someone pass me one ;(

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What happened to the world today?
Ladies and sissy guys, let me present you..


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

18th Birthday Celebration @ Italiannies

Finally the long awaited
Just finished Accounts exam.So yeah I celebrated my birthday at Italiannies Sunway Pyramid on the 8/8/09
Had some surprises along the party and during the party.
Was a fun night out with my fellow friends ;)
Thanks for coming and making my day a memorable one.

Here are the 112357189 pics ;)

and special thanks to those who came;)
Ps:pics are in no specific order

Wong Ju ping ;)
Sarah Ann Sebastian ;)
Nicholas Tan ;)
Tan Wei Shen ;)
Cheryl Loo ;)
Rachel Heng ;)
Jessie Chen Ying Si ;)
Chloe Tan Shi Yee ;)
Tee Chee Huang ;)
Lim Pik Wee ;)
Jennifer Tan <3
Othniel Sheng Ting ;)
Harry Kok Wai Hong.LOL actualy just kok wai hong ;)
Chester Ashton anak John ;)
Muhamad Adam ;)
Tan Hoe Yen ;)
Thong Kit Meng ;)
Thong Kit Shaun ;)
Raymond SEOW ;)
Choong Kar Mun ;)
Tiffany Leong WenYi ;)
My bday present from
First pic.Me n chiloe ;)
Chester, me n pingachu XD
Hallo ;D
Ping and Wei Shenn
Tiff Basket ;p
"ta kao mou"
Thou shall scratch me O' WeiShen
"I said scratch la not gosok gosok ;p"
Heh ;) I like this one
Ordering also got time to pose.ish
Chloe counting the accrued expenses and prepayments involved in a
Cheryl ! lol
Love ;)
I was hungry.Wanted to eat the camera
So was cheryl but she smart she ate bread instead
Can u find the hidden mickey?
The bachelors.As u can see no date to share his imaginary wine with.LOL
Mr Single being emo cos he's single.hahaha
Jb and Perlis no italiannies so yeah forgive them LOL
and thinking of what to order
Praying before a meal
Begging for a mealJessie wanna spit at the camera haha
"why food so long wannnn.Yam Gung.."
The BFF Tiff who made this happen ;)
Kok Jackson mou?
Wai Hong,Raymond n Chester Bennington
Punk Rock ; Good ;)
Mr Bread lol
Got X Got It All-Xpax ;D
Someone's dish forgot who,dont know why i took also
Hoe n Racheelll
'what u looking at?!'
Charles n Keith ;)
Raymond, Aunty Tan ;p and Sarah
Small group pic.
We realised Pik wee wa s
Sawahh and Tiwannny ;p
BFF Sarah n Me ;)
Raymond stop scratching!
Rachel Heng Se Men and me.;D
Im so cute
Mr Game and his 3 concubines (inside joke)
wanting to see my face.ish ish XD
The same Bday people ;) Pik wee n i
She was trying to stop time
Nicholas' failed attempt lol
Eat ur food la.yam gungg
Me,Cheryl,Jess,Chloe and Chee Huang ;)
Jen jen ;p
She look like a small kid.hahaa
I am Beowulf!
We were about to rob the place
Sikhism X! (p2's joke)
Ping got nipples ;p
We got nipples ;)
The force of Darren lol
Camwhore junior
Camwhore senior
The girls ;)
Mummy Chicken and baby chicks lol
Karm and Rachel
Girls being girls
Them being them
Heh the cake and us
We were then forced to stand on a chair
The cake Karm,Chloe,Jessie and tiff baked.Awesome ;)
Group pic 1
Group pic 2
Rachel and her pillar lol
Pik wee had to finish the whole jug of Iced lemon tea.haha
Gulping n gul..ppinnng
Still. gulping * looks at watch*
The free cake courtesy of Italiannies
Rachel,Jessie,Chloe,Hoe Yen, and Jenn
Look its Adam ;)
Hoe n me ;) Notice that small plaster.cute please press it the next time u see her ;p
Brace Face! HAHAHA ;p
Adamn and Me XD
Persatuan Fencing
Jessie hiding under my
Cheryll and Me ;) Thanks for coming!
The Cashier.LOL
Future Miss Yong PL
Us with the Italiannies Crew.Raymond so desperately wanted to take pic with the girl on the
No comment.hahha
Wai Hong the ambassador of Italiannies ;)
Then we crashed the
Jing looking VERY VERY happy.hahahah
Malaysia -Cinaindia,Melayu ;) ( no racism intended,no worries)
Othniel trying to be Wolverine, Pik Wee is Chinese Storm.;D
The real Guitar hero ;)
No I wasn't licking the flowers.
Random shot?
Punk rock . only oth n i cared about
Jing wanted to join the fun.hahah
We were looking at Miss Yong's naked photos (P2 inside joke)
Probably laughing at Chester's singing
Oth singing Dammit by Blink
Budak Sarawak ;p
Budak Bank
Muka Batu 5 sen
HAHAHAHHAA random random shots
Adam finding
BFF and Me ;)
Nicer Full body shot.heh
"whats this whats this"
Just stick to Maths ;p
Sarah and Jing camwhoring with MY
Herman Li wannabees
Then we changed to Cheerleading.Wii style. =.=
Experts doing their
We played a tap tap game thing on wii.I owned everyone ;p
Then we had supper at the Original Wood ( Kayu ;p) with Jing,Fushen?Fusion?,Oth, and Jing Tong ;)

So that was it
I spend 3 hours doing this post uploading pics and resizing them
Hope u guys enjoy this as much as i do

Thanks again to those who made this possible ;) I love u all ;)

Goodnight people!