Monday, September 28, 2009

Our New Best Friend ;p


He's super cool ok.
Punk rock mouu??

Summary of Hari Raya Hols

OK Im sick again ;(
last day of hols somemore..dam sad
Anyways this is what i have been up to lately ;)
Jamming/Recording in Catch that monkey studios ;)
Some Gears
More gears..*yawn*
This can make you go blind.literally ;p
Johnston's PUNK ROCK shoe.seriously punk rock.Respect ;)
Then when over to Szu Ern's Church for her event.dam cool the lights make white glow ;)
Thats my shoe btw glowing..Cool heh ;)
The busy host ;) and she's a counselor.HAHAHHA
Btw she's wearing heels.Still cannot make it ;p

Oh and i mentioned the last post that p2-ians are going paintball but too bad no
busy shooting people ok..
We went Pyramid after that for dinner
Carls Junior-Its gonna get messy (thats their slogan and that is our mess)
My third leg. ;p

OK there's college tomorrow.
nights :(

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Ok im leaving the house now
going paintball with the p2-ians ;)


Gg(good game)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun Facts with Darren

OK fine due to overwhelming response to more Fun Facts With Darren
I shall post more fun facts for that matter :)

Fact 3:

Adrian Yap Has a rich rich uncle in UK
like really rich...quite famous too in Malaysia somemore..Overseas weii ;D
thanks to his nephew ;p

Fact 4:

I am in need of ideas for Youth Camp games as I just realized that I am in the committee...
so please help me..anyone? ;(

Fact 5:
SOMEONE borrowed my ELMO t-shirt just to impress someone.
need hints mou? ;p

Oh we(Cotton Candy) went jamming/recording at Catch The Monkey Studio the other day
Recordings will be posted once Othniel gets the recording

The Pedalboard ;))

Ok byee
love u people

Monday, September 21, 2009

Adrian Yap's Neighbour has a M5

Fun Fact 1:

I was watching gossip girl and guess what song was played during those no talking part?

The Gift- Angels and Airwaves* ;)

*Angels and airwaves is the band that was formed by Tom Delonge (blink 182's guitarist) after their broke up..But now they're back together already for those who do not

Fun Fact 2:

Adrian Yap's neighbour has a BMW M5
Genuine one..others on the road confirm fake
as said by him

More fun facts when i am bored ;)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

Trials done finally ;)
Need to continue sleeping to replace sleep debt.
EXCESSIVE sleep debt

On the other hand, I wanna wish everyone a very merry HARI RAYA ;):)

Take care...will update soon as im sleepy
u know la smaller eyes faster to fall

And please to those who are about tho handle firecrackers etc
Dont dont burn ur hand or melt ur hand etc by letting the mercun explode in your hand

Play with This mercun..;p

Im a DYNAMITE ;) Boom !

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Studying makes you crazeee

Like this:

Oh hot damn
I am studying S.A.M
Keep me studying till the A.M
Yall don't understand, make me throw my notes
In the fire, fi, fire, fire, fi, fire...

-Darren Lau-

Friday, September 11, 2009

New ipod Nano!

There i present you with the latest ipod nano
sorry la if some of you already know.I just found out
Study too much soo...left out with whats happening in the world.heheh

Oh it comes with video recording plus editting in the nano complimented with a larger screen
But i still prefer touch ;)
Why not make Nanophone.? I sure

Annnd..the whole class ( well probably not all ) are planning to go Bali after exams.
Finals i mean....Shopping haven mann!

and our Psych lecturer most likely will be tagging along.
Yes She is cool
Oh and trials are next week.Dont expect me to come online for the time being

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stress Ahead 2

Quick Update :p
3 tiring days of Maths is done !
But still having TRIALS on the week after next..
Shit! ;(

Oh and look what I've found in the library that caught my small eye's attention..

Locker Locks ;)
Comes in all sizes and colours
Some use key some those use key
Still normal locks

HAHAHAHAHA....I think he/she must have kept gold inside there.lololol XD


Here is what I have been up to these few days due to being overstress on Maths

Capturing candid shots of Taylor's workers/staff/teachers..Planning to put one every time i

To start off, the Gypsy Library Lady ;p

And look what Ive done to release
Taylor's Buletin board with all kinds of things
For example...lost Hard Drive ;(
I also HAHAHHAA Could not help but to do this.XD
and thiss..HAHAHHAA Its how i express my love for

Thats all for now,lol
tired d..
Going swimming @ Tropicana with p2 bunch later on
since now is 1.28 a.m.

Take care ppl