Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fail collection part

Helloooo friendd ;)

Actually i can go on and on about this collection but since exams are near you can expect me to blog less so here's somemore of my fail collection lol

Again, these photos are not meant for insult or anything whatsoever just plain entertainment ;)

To start off in AC
Fail !
Nicholas Tan Huang Kit (LOL) trying to prove he's tall. Nice buttcheeks tho
Nearly fail

and the ultimate failure ....

Godlike Fail ;D

Tuning into: Mika- Happy Ending

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fan no .2 and fail collection part 1 ;)

Im sure u remember him?
Our first back due to popular demand ;)

and now presenting his brother/cousin/neighbour/cat

Fan no .2 ;))
This time nehe gets to take so complete cotton


Wei Shen legs..
Fail !
Ray trying to act macho wan go donate the first.
Fail !
Fail !
Fail !
terrorist resting? FAIL !
Cross dressing? Fail !
Fail !
Pass ;)
Fail ! hahaha inside joke
Fail !
Epic Failure
Timothy (on the right) FAIL !
Triple Fail ! lol
Fail !!!
Againn? Fail !

lol im doing this for fun..
not meant to insult or make fun off ( ok maybe abit ;D )
even my pic is inside


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What makes me LOL

Since my finals are approx 2 weeks away
this blog will be updated with mostly dumb stuff as this is how i relieve stress

Stress Management 101 by Darren Lau ;)

Presenting my
My two best friends ;)

*jeng jeng jeng*

"Indomee Indomeee" ;P


I laugh at myself when i read this.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Prom Dress Shopping *edited v.1.0*

Was with the classmates ystd for prom dress shopping..
Wei Shen, ZX, Yong Sern and myself were the only guys (kuli)
Pretty fun but tiring day..This is a brief post.Pictures will be up i promise and the update as well.

Btw you may be wondering why shop now?
cos prom is ONE day after our last paper.
How cool is Taylors ?

It fitted so good ;)
Your body is a wonderland ;)
Jingeehhehehehe ;p who tagged along ;) She looks 9 feet in that dress.Nice right ??

More updates soon.hahaha
Patience is virtue

Monday, October 5, 2009

Random updates

Im blogging when im supposed to be studying.heh
finals just about one month from now..
lol..stressing ;(

Oh i don't think i put this on my blog before.
this is right after trials in Pyramid.
In the cinema i saw this 'dead terrorist'.Notice the gun.LOL
Probably taking a break.hahahaha
Then had some 'photoshoot' with the bestie..there's still more pics but tiff is
Waiting to go
This is how boring it got. Look at me trying to kick the pole
Hero me in action trying to save Cheryl LooDeeDoo's (Notice the stares)

Had a gathering during raya with the p2 mates ;)
Football group
I was sunbathing dont know wad shaun is doing tho.

Next update will be on blood donation ;)
you know u love me