Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have a rocking Christmas ;)

Sorry for the lack of updates first of all..
this week has been hectic as I just started work as a QA
sounds cool right but the job i tell u dam boring..

whats nice is at least i have a company over there to talk with
I tell u in the corporate world(telemarketing only) you will meet like a variety of people..
I think we're the only normal ones around
There's alot of gays,les',transvestite,transexual and some I just cant tell what gender they are.
Got one girl/man dam pretty but voice come out like Batman ;S

So anyway have a blessed Christmas to all ;)
and i'll blog more once im free aight ;)

Ps: who's doing SAM? i wanna sell my books lol

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Touch and Go Battle Of The Bands ;)

Cotton Candy performing as Guest Performers ;)

and ohh..SAM results will be out at 6 am sharp and im already so nervous..
Gah!! ;( God let your will be done ;)

and i'll be starting work later today with Sarah ;)
Working as QA Not bad ehh..
hope i dont screw up and give the boss a reason to scold

Take care peeps ;)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Now i wish S.A.M was longer ;(
Im already missing the Langkawi trip and all the fun we had.sigh
Ever famous gesture, *Sikhism X*
Yeah..nice LOL
Mr Bart and his lala pose
Chestie and Jessie..Rhymes eh? lol
Hellooo frieennd;)

Im in serious deprivation of sleep which can lead to impaired daytime
Someone save mee!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Catch us !

Cotton Candy ;)

Catch us in Sunway Pyramid Concourse area ( Harvey Norman there) this Saturday, 12th December 2009, about 2.30-3 pm (around there laaa) as we will be performing as Guest for the event Touch&Go Battle of the Bands 2009

So be there and support us ;)
Banners would be better.hahaha..

Ok chowww ;)

Friday, December 4, 2009

SAM Corroboree Prom 2009 ( FINALLY lol)

Finally ive got the will and time to blog about prom
pics are not in order so just pretend its in order la.

So Prom was held at Sunway Hotel Grand Ballroom as usual
heard that Taylors have been using the same venue for like few consecutive
Prom was alright i guess..but there were improper planning for the event and everything was delayed to about 2 hours including my performance..

We're scheduled to play at 1015 but only given the stage about 1145-12?
AND PEOPLE WERE OUTSIDE taking pictures and chatting..Some even left for MOS already.
This was ultimately the outcome of a particular band i wont mention who ;) who kind of like 'suck' during their performance and everyone left with
Im not being biased but that's what everyone said like
" WAH how this band managed to get pass audition etc" lol

But we still manage to put on a show la.
Thanks to the really awesome crowd.heh..

CCKD lol *inside joke*
:) Mojojojo and me
Chest,MISS Q6, and me lol
Pauline the sarawak warrior.hahaha
My 'outfit'
Adrian despo, Sarah and me ;)
ShouYee, SupermanUjin and me
Cotton Candy Loves You ;)

And here's our performance shots..
theres more in fb but lazy to upload lol

John having headache.haahaha

Yours truly ;)
The awesome lights
Othniel moonwalk
Fantastic shot i must sayy ;)
The glamorous's .lol
The not so glam
Adam the dancing King ;)
Masked Rider
Nice ;)
Bullshit King.hahha
The girls..All so pretty right ;)
Our favourite lecturer, Miss Doh WORE HEELS.zomg
Gang afterparty at MOS
Chester worn out already lol
SOH LOU post hahaha
Raymond the mole, Sarah the chindian and Darren the handsome ;p
Band of Brothers ;)
My Psych lecturer who pwned the stage dancing ;p
HHEHEHHE sweet couple ;)
Couples? ;p
Nehe underage lol
Pingachu and Chiloe
Yeah she's deprived of food.
He needs booze alreadyyyy
Chloe, Rayychellll and Hoe Yen ;)
Jessie and I ;)
CJK- Chloe Jessie and Karm looking good ;)
Us again heh..

Ok thats it for
I hope you enjoyed this update..really tired now
Gym 2 days already..getting buffed up ok


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Im sorry for the lack of updates guys..
this blog is not dead...Yet lol
just very busy with things around me from farewells to lepak sessions and finally audition for the Battle Of the Bands 2009

Can see their website Here ;)

Do vote for us soon starting 4th December ;)
and yeah our audition video will be on

still need to catch up on sleep..This is worst than exam week somemore ;(
But enjoy the hols while u can lol