Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Farewell :(

Farewell to my 3 good good friends ;(
Will see you soon alright ;)

So long since I last blogged.heh
At least i'll be at the airport sending them off ;)
Last Chance to see them so who wanna tag along just be at KLIA before 7 pm la k

Really great knowing all of them.
Awesome bunch of people..really sad u guys have to leave now ;(
Will always rmb the fun times and crazy moments we shared...
In Penang;)
Bakuteh Sessions
LOL.Gay buddies
Mr Raymond covering his mole
We donated blood together ;) ( I didnt cos stupid doctor say i got flu)
Recent farewell party with jessie on the far left and sarah in the middle ;)
Stiffany ;)
She recently came up with a new pose.
Close up ;)
Driving also can lol
Lol this one got added tongue sticking out ;p
Jessie and I (Langkawi) heh greatest trip everr

Looking all glamorous ;)

Prom Dress hunting that time..Im so embarassed as a Chinese that my ancestors used to wear these.OMG
Raymond and Stiff ;)

Theres more actually but cannot dig up on time.
will have another emo post soon;)
Thats all for now..
Will send u guys of later..Will miss you ;(

Saturday, February 13, 2010