Sunday, March 21, 2010

Testing testing :)

This shoe had to be the model of my camera.
lol Im sorry ;)
Oh guess what!
I found my old trustworthy Red Power Ranger :)
hahaha..good ol times

Japanese character standing on a japanese box.nice
His car ;D

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Updates :)

Finally some updates.heh
Cant blame me right cos i just started Uni so still abit disoriented and settling in :)
Well it's a whole new experience i would say and I feel so free seriously.
There are some days where I would have 5-6 hours of break and today is one of those days ;P

Sooo...just to update this blog,
I got a brand spankin new DSLR :)
There it is :))

but im currently looking for the flash gun and maybe another lens to compliment it further.hahahah :) Flash Gunnnn *piu piu piu*

And i think i need to go Singapore soon..time for updates on Guitar gears :)

ANYONEEEEEEEEEEE???? nvm those wanna go there buy wan tan mee also i accept ;)

Hmm gotta continue watching The Big Bang Theory now before i run to class @ 9 ;)