Monday, May 17, 2010

Flash-ers :)

Again kudos to Lin Dan and team :)
Ive been using the same pic as below for 3 years in a row already lol.
Lucky Lindan keep winning lor
totally raped Chong Wei :)

This was way back in 07..I should be taller by now..WHO SAYS LIN DAN IS TALL??? all tv editting la
Flashers :) inspired by Sheldon of Big Bang Theory

Karmun's flash t shirt is a fake pasar malam btw that why she using the tag to cover it

Ok May and June's gonna be way hectic for me
Too many assignments with huge weightage and final exams for the semester.
Sigh now i just found out that the assignment due 28th May is brought forward to 21st May

Gonna continue typing my assignment now with indomie :)

I'll be back before the banana hits the ground (Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Super Outdated Post :D

Here's my super outdated post :)
Been working so hard for uni this few months..seemed like I have not blogged so long hahahha
My finals will be in June but meanwhile from this month onwards will be a hell ride :(

On a brighter note,
She has new shoe laces :) :)
( to match with the red stripe of course :D)

Oh and Jamie Pao was back in KL (finalllyyy!) one or two months ago haha
We could not decide where to go hahha hence Starbucks Sunway Pyramid
but I could not find time to post pictures and blog about it (sorry jamie! )
So here it is :)

Green tea frappe memang shiok :)

Sorry I ter-cropped off your bag :D
Macam Pirate only lol