Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shoot To Thrill

Am still waiting for Glee Season 2 and latest season of Big Bang Theory to be aired :(
Life is unfair :(

Good news is Uniqlo is coming to Malaysia :)
like finally.

Means more varieties :)

IU was fine only thing there was a shortage of cups and drinks, not forgetting the super hot Dewan. Why can't they stop using the hall? Probably because of profit maximisation :D

Next was Prefect's Reunion.
Not many people tho..small crowd

Jelly Beans :)
Seniors :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Look:)

Just pimped my blog. Nothing fancy but looks nicer i guess. LOL
One thing still frustrates me is that I can't seem to place the elmo picture in the centre..it's always to the left. Elmo no Rights meh? lol *lame*

Umm i think it got to do with the layout option la..Someone help me pls :(
Btw Im in McD's now since streamyx is being a bitch at home.
Argh I wish Malaysia would improve on their broadband service laaa.

I just finished my first Marketing Assignment titled 'What Is Marketing' whereby we have to get people of different age groups to answer that question;

-older person
-same age but of another faculty
-younger person

and finally your own view on it. Being me who cannot stop prorastinating till the last minute, I represented all of the age groups answering them myself. Lol

Anyway i think i should be more active in blogging now since i already pimped it up
dont wanna waste my efforts ;S..I also miss gigging..sigh :(

Ok thats it Im gonna go :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Beginnings

I too like other's have somehow lost the blogging mojo
and slowly coming back to blogging :)

Well I've been really busy with University in particular and Facebook are my only entertainment somehow :(

Up to now I think I have the FBA (facebook addict) syndrome till I forgot I had a blog ;/
Lol so anyways many pictures are all uploaded on facebook and I'm not gonna upload all here again..Mafan la :D

Here are some brief updates!

1. SPAIN WON THE WORLD CUP :D:D Die u hollang supporters :D

2. Jeremy Kuan's Farewell to aussie :(

3. Redang Trip with p2 mates! Jessie N Tiff came back :)

Super Clear sea

Persatuan Shisha
The lovely girls :)
Ice Cream Gang :)

Ok thats about it !
Stay tune!