Monday, August 30, 2010

Mershel's 19th

So yeahh
I guess Im been really busy lately (as usual)
and I have not been blogging faithfully like I promised LOL

Talent Night was good in my opinion despite the minor technical glitches (monash equipment sucks)
and yesss Mershel's 19th birthday :)

Some photos:

Birthday girl and i :)

Group photo :)


Next post: Talent Night with pictures :)
Stay tuned :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I have ears

Dont think I don't know what and who you're gossiping about

Just be mindful :)

Karma will bite you in the anal hole :)

Btw Ive been really burned out handling 'Talent Night 2010'.
Sigh..Ive spend 2 days staying in uni till about 1.30 a.m. already
I really need sleep and discipline to study :(

God, Please please help me got through this week ;(

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another reason to get Onitsuka Tiger

So as you may or may not know,
Katy perry's new album was leaked out to the net before it's official due release date

Guess who have it? :D
Omg cannot stop listening to it laaaa

Omg 'Peacock' banyak awesomeee :)

On the other hand I was playing Tekken that day and I noticed this:

hahaha that's the Onitsuka Tiger Logo behind. NICE


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I saw something interesting today when my friend gave Sarah a hot coffee.
It's not my first time tho but I think it's rather cool.

It's the self-heating hot chocolate. Comes in coffee too
Sorry la I jakun all but seriously I have never seen it in any supermarkets also :(
Should try Jaya Grocer or Cold Storage edi

So this thingy works as a self heating can in which involves various procedures:
1) turning upside down
2) press one button 1.5 cm deep
3) shake it
4) turn upside down and wait 3 minutes

and voila! hot chocolate. It's made in Malaysia. Lol believe it
Confirm copy some other country :D

I'm still very stressed out :(
I really can't wait for exams to just come and go and enjoy 4 months break :)
Sigh :(

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bye Shawn!

Take care in US buddy! :)
Sorry couldnt send you off as I had some issues to settle

Lemme know when ur back ok! :)

On a sad note
I tend to dislike weekends now

Because every week, Monday 1pm in particular I have to pass up a weekly submission for Marketing theory & Practice subject.
That'll be 10 submissions in total and its like a mini assignment, but at this rate it seems like a real assignment :(

And the super-strict-act-nice-bulldog-faced teacher i tell you simply minus your marks for no particular reason.


Life Is tough ( Wyman copied this tagline from me )

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MTV Worldstage 2010

I personally think that MTV should actually prepare for the rain
just like last year.Conclusion is that it WILL rain every MTV Worldstage lol

Apart from the technical glitches and the really claustrophobic uncomfortable atmosphere,
Like I stood there with Sarah, Helena and Carson so long just to see Katy Perry and the gang except Tokio Hotel.lolThat one not really interested. I do like their songs and all but i would prefer if they give more time to Bunkface or Katy Perry :D

And i made another mistake:I didnt bring my DSLR. So pictures obviously sucked. ;(
Thus the stealing from Joshuaongys and AngelKlein's blog :D

Sam from Bunkface. :) Now using Gibson guitars edi. Not bad...Upgrades :)
They really impressed me if you know how Bunkface performed live last time :D

Then waited for like 30 minutes or so to set up for their 'stage'

They shoot out sparks-like thingy from this ciplak guitar. lol I was amazed. again hahahah

'Nobody Nobodyy butt chuu *clap clap* This one memang best. Dress also same :D

Thennnn..was waiting 45 minutes for Tokio Hotel 's stage.
Dam melampau la..need 4 stack amps EACH. 2 keyboards on eleevated platform EACH. and a super elevated platform for the drums. heh

Bill (lead singer) was wearing his stupid scorpion-king-like-body-armor when he elevated from bottom of the stage. That was expected tho lol

He took it off after one song cos he probably found himself immobilized by that shit. Lol loser :D

I wonder where he buys his clothes from. Germany also got Sungai Wang wei

Waahhahaa..and the finalee KATY PERRY!!
This one waited dam long cos they fixing the LED screen (got electrocuted by the rain) and some other technical stuff.

But it was freaking worth it :D

Her setlist for the night (not in order) :
-California Gurls
-Teenage Dream
-Hot & Cold
-One of the Boys
-Waking Up in Vegas
-Peacock ( this track in unreleased but trust me, its really catchy. Love it !)
-Thinking Of you
-Darren Lau So Hot
-I Kissed A Girl

Remind me if i forgot any other song she sang :D

Her Banana-split-like stage. At one point she plucked out the cherry and threw it to the crowd. Cupcake also throw. Her tutu was the most valuable lor..but due to the wind and her sissy throwing (girl ma :D) it landed between her stage and the mosh pit. Confirm the Bangla cleaners can sell in ebay for high price :(

She plays a Gibson and a Taylor for Thinking of you :D She's really good :) Not like those calefare artist strum one D chord and let the whole band play. She played most of the parts ;)
Impressed ! :):)

After she finished, there was an encore for Wonder Girls. lol
they despo wanna do another song. Jealous of Katy Perry la :D

But i went home la..what other songs they have to perform? All the best ones performed edi. Chow la :)

Yup thats about it
Oh Iphone died on sarah and me. Couldnt call anyone or be contacted