Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I saw something interesting today when my friend gave Sarah a hot coffee.
It's not my first time tho but I think it's rather cool.

It's the self-heating hot chocolate. Comes in coffee too
Sorry la I jakun all but seriously I have never seen it in any supermarkets also :(
Should try Jaya Grocer or Cold Storage edi

So this thingy works as a self heating can in which involves various procedures:
1) turning upside down
2) press one button 1.5 cm deep
3) shake it
4) turn upside down and wait 3 minutes

and voila! hot chocolate. It's made in Malaysia. Lol believe it
Confirm copy some other country :D

I'm still very stressed out :(
I really can't wait for exams to just come and go and enjoy 4 months break :)
Sigh :(

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