Monday, November 8, 2010

Gig At Laundry

So...a pretty old
Right after exams, I went with the guys to go check out Uniqlo's grand opening in Fahrenheit 88.
Due to crazy kiasuness of Malaysians, I heard people started camping outside since 11 pm the night before.


We, normal people decided to come in the afternoon thinking that the crowd will disperse..but NOOO
We were stupid and wrong...there was like 5000 people lining up and we decided just to check out music shops and wander around.

At night, we went to Laundry@Curve for a gig featuring 3 of Malaysian's top bands
(They Will Kill Us All, Seven Collar T-Shirt, Love Me Butch)
Below are the pictures stolen from their site:

Mosh Pit
Spot Othniel and me

We were the only chinese there

Local Music FTW :)